Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I am an Empowerment Coach for badass spiritual women. I intuitively connect with your higher self to offer guidance on how to shift your perspective around life and love. Throughout our lives, we are programmed to believe who and what we are and how to behave in order to be accepted and loved. We develop dominant thought patterns that end up creating our realities. These thought patterns become the lens that we view life through. They effect the way we see ourselves, others, life and love.

We end up in trouble when we become unconscious of our thoughts and move through life on auto pilot, reliving the same experiences over and over again. This is where I come in! Life is NOT supposed to be lived unconsciously. You are a powerful creator and you get to experience the life and love you desire. I help you tap into the limiting beliefs and programs that are currently running, help you heal the emotions related to them, and re-write the story of your life so that you can live empowered.

Lots of love,

Lindsay Rose