From a young age, I knew there was something different about me. I could feel people’s emotions, I could sense what they were thinking.

I would have visions/premonitions that would come true (and quite frankly scared me)!

It wasn’t until I experienced a spiritual awakening (due to a toxic abusive relationship) that I began to understand what was actually going on.

I spent years embarking on a journey to heal myself, diving deep into the metaphysical realm, understanding the nature of reality,

and realizing that my intuition + visions were my gift and my purpose for BEing.

Through personal liberation, I was shown that my experiences were preparing me for my purpose - to help others heal on a Quantum level.

I’ve developed a deep connection with Divine Intelligence, a higher knowledge, and have the ability to intuitively guide my clients because of this connection.

It’s basically like I can communicate with a higher aspect of YOU to help you see what’s going on from a higher perspective and guide you accordingly.

Along with my intuitive abilities, I also use what is termed “Energy Medicine” to help facilitate massive transformations.

We are more than just physical beings, we are made of energy. We have emotional, physical, spiritual, and metal bodies that all interact with one another.

When one of our “bodies” is out of sync all other aspects of ourselves will feel out of balance.

When your energy isn’t flowing optimally, it’s akin to a poor WiFi signal – the delivery of information is slow and incomplete.

If energy isn’t flowing, it can become stagnant or trapped within our bodies and cause emotional + physical pain.

Our lives can feel “stuck” - we set goals, have aspirations, but can’t seem to achieve them.

OR we may continue to experience the same situations in our lives - toxic relationships, unfulfilling careers, depression, frustration, struggles to lose weight, chronic pain, etc.

The tools I use help to identify the trapped emotion, where it exists in the body, at what age it was integrated,

and then release that emotion from your body so that it doesn’t block you any further.

If you feel like your life is out of balance, things aren’t manifesting or changing for you, or if you’re in the midst of heartache, trauma, physical pain, grief and are longing for relief

book a Discovery Call below.

Let’s discuss what you’re going through and how I can best serve you on your path.

Sending you massive love + light,

Lindsay Rose

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