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About Lindsay

Lindsay is a Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Healer & PSYCH-K® Facilitator. She helps her clients shift from limited thinking to creating a life of infinite possibility. She takes a mind, body, and soul approach to coaching in order to facilitate complete transformations.

Her background is in Energy Psychology and Holistic Health. She is a Usui Level 2 Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As a former Personal Trainer, she has a deep understanding and passion for the physical body which adds to the holistic approach she applies to her coaching.

She understands the powerful correlation between the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies and helps you to balance all aspects of your BEing in order to live a life that brings you peace, joy, harmony, success, and love.

Having experienced her own struggle to love herself, her body, and her life, she was divinely guided down a spiritual path of deep healing that changed her reality. Through her own personal transformation, she realized her intuitive gifts as a natural healer + spiritual teacher, and decided to pursue her passion to help others on their journey.


Notes from Clients

I am so deeply GRATEFUL for having found Lindsay…Being in my mid 40’s I’d like to think I’m fairly self-actualized and have done a lot of work on myself. Especially in the last few years within the realm of spiritual growth. While it’s been a blessing that I don’t have words for, integrating my spiritual growth into this 3D world has been a challenge.

In the short time that I’ve been working with Lindsay, I have integrated so many daily practices that have strengthened my mind. She intuitively feels into where I am and without saying a word guides me RIGHT to the heart of it. She explains things so that I can quickly understand, and it’s as if sometimes she’s already been inside of my head and unlocks what I struggle with the most.

That awareness and the answers have allowed me to make quick leaps of growth in my relationship with my business partners and with myself, and the results are showing themselves already.

When she adds some quantum healing into the session I feel stronger for weeks. In all of my different modalities of self-help over the years, this has felt the most powerful and I can’t believe how impactful it’s been in such a short time. Thank you Lindsay!!!
— Tracy Brown, Los Angeles, CA

I don’t event know where to start. Lindsay is a light unlike any other. Her wisdom and guidance have helped me clear things that I’ve dealt with for 10+ years; she took my spiritual healing to an entirely new level. Lindsay helped me completely repair the most important relationship I have in my life - the one with myself. She is truly an angel on earth and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She just makes life shine so brightly.
— Caroline Rose, Washington, D.C.