“Lindsay is a beautiful and guiding soul.”

Through her help and guidance, I was able to finally understand what letting go of ego truly meant. She has helped me face some inner truths and come out healthy and happy on the other side. The thing with Lindsay is that she is a coach in every sense - she motivated and inspired me to make my own journey and discoveries. She did not push or try to influence and she was readily available to talk to me when I needed it. I felt very safe in the process and trusted her knowledge and her work. I loved the realizations I achieved - things about my past weight struggle and self image - and the fact that I had someone to touch base with during my pilgrimage. It is not a quick fix and the tools she has given me are something I know I will continue to use. I mediate and manifest daily now and am loving it! I can honestly say that I benefited greatly from working with her and am so grateful for Lindsay as my teacher!
— Erika Cooper - Seattle, WA
“Lindsay is a light unlike any other.”

I don’t even know where to start. Her wisdom and guidance have helped me clear things that I’ve dealt with for 10+ years; she took my spiritual healing to an entirely new level. Lindsay helped me completely repair the most important relationship I have in my life - the one with myself. She is truly an angel on earth and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She just makes life shine so brightly.
— Caroline Westerman - Washington, D.C.
“She’s just the best!”

I can’t thank Lindsay enough for helping me get back to EVEN BETTER shape after having a baby. She helped me see where I was limiting myself and where I needed to change my perspective around my body. The visualizations and affirmations she provided me were so powerful and helped me see myself in a different light. What she teaches is so magical! Every woman can benefit from what she teaches. I now have a solid foundation of how to apply manifestation techniques to my body and my life. I would definitely recommend her!!
— Julie Wemyss - Redondo Beach, CA